The Trouble with Fractions, Slough

The Work Group will focus on fractions, establishing what the issues are and what the common misconceptions are, how these might be addressed through activities and questioning which promote deeper thinking and how teaching in KS3 might be modified or utilised to improve understanding for this topic in KS4.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Teachers will hone their ability to analyse what it is about certain topics that makes them more challenging and be able to apply these analytical skills more widely in the curriculum.
  • Through detailed study of one topic, teachers will develop a sharper understanding of what it means for teaching to be ‘effective’ and how this might be evaluated in class and through assessment in all its forms.
  • Pupils in the participant teachers’ classes will become more confident in their own skills and abilities, developing a deeper and more connected understanding of prior content thus enabling them to better tackle the challenging topics.

Led by Dr. Fiona Curtis, from Reading University, the work group starts in January 2019 and is free of charge.

For more information and booking: The Problem with Fractions – Challenging Topics at GCSE

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