Rachael Odeniyi

I am a qualified teacher, and have worked across the primary range. In recent years, I have worked as a Numbers Count (KS1 and KS2) accredited maths intervention teacher in Maidenhead. I completed a MA Ed (Early Mathematics Intervention), focussing on  pedagogy, mathematical subject knowledge (Early Years and Primary), concept development in the primary range, structures, situations and relationships in the operations, causes of difficulties in maths and use of manipulatives and models. My dissertation explored how children develop mathematical fluency, especially those who struggle with maths. 

I completed my NCETM PD lead accreditation in 2018 and currently have been leading the NCETM BBO Hub’s ‘Intervention in a Mastery Setting’ workgroup. I enjoy working with others to develop their understanding of maths and to help children make sense of it through a variety of approaches.

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