KS4 Mathematical Thinking: Problem Solving & Reasoning

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What is involved?

  • 2 x 1-day and 2 x half-day workshops focused on developing reasoning and problem-solving skills in all lessons.
  • Gap tasks between the workshops will include Lesson Study, allowing wider department participation in the professional development.
  • There will be an evaluation process focusing on the impact of activities on pupils and the wider department.

Intended Outcomes

Participant teachers, and their departments:

  • will acquire a deeper understanding of the role of reasoning and problem solving in the mathematics curriculum, and how these skills are tested at GCSE
  • will broaden their repertoire of classroom approaches to support the development of pupil’s mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills in all lessons
  • will understand how to plan for further improvement to embed and sustain progress in this area.
  • will begin to see pupils demonstrate increased confidence in reasoning and problem-solving while deepening their understanding of the mathematics content itself.

The wider context

Reasoning and problem-solving are still identified by Ofsted as areas of weakness both in teaching and schemes of learning. With the emphasis of the new curriculum on pupils becoming fluent, reasoning mathematically and solving problems, many departments will be considering how best to build these skills as pupils progress from the start of KS3. There will also be a need to support current KS4 pupils as they face the reasoning and problem-solving challenges of the new GCSE questions

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