GCSE: Sustaining Mathematical Thinking, Oxon

  • Sustaining Mathematical Thinking: Session 1
    30th October 2018
    10:00 am - 3:00 pm

This Work Group is by invitation only.  Please only sign up to this work group if you have received an invitation from BBO Maths Hub.


To allow members of the ‘Mathematical Thinking for GCSE’ 2017/2018 group to continue to meet and share their experiences and strategies to support and develop mathematical thinking within their schools. The new 9-1 GCSE require greater demands on reasoning and problem solving and this work group would like to further develop and embed these approaches.

What are the intended Work Group outcomes?

  • Participant teachers will continue to develop their understanding and confidence in planning and use of approaches that develop pupils’ reasoning and problem-solving skills across KS3 to KS5.
  • Teachers will experience collaborative professional development processes including the opportunity to lead professional development in their own departments
  • Departments will have the opportunity to develop and embed practice in this area for all their teachers, including the development of a repertoire of activities, policies and longer-term improvement plans to sustain progress.
  • Teachers will further develop reasoning and problem solving skills in partner schools by providing specific focus on dissemination across departments and additional/new colleagues. They will consider how approaches dealt with in the work group and introduced to departments could be incorporated into wider department approaches
  • Develop ‘experts’ who could go out and work with schools in Year 3
  • Create ‘leaders ‘ for reasoning and problem solving within the Hub

What’s Involved? Select an area of mastery to jointly develop and plan over 5 sessions (1 full-day + 4 half-day) and 4 gap tasks

Who’s it aimed at? This is an invitation only work group for those participants who attended the 2017/2018 Mathematical Thinking for GCSE

Work Group Lead: This workgroup is being led by Julie White-Zamler

Funding: DfE funding, via the NCETM, allows BBO Maths Hub to offer this work group at no charge to delegates.  In addition, it includes funding towards cover costs of £100/ half-day session.  NB delegates must sign the register at each session; supply cover funding can only be paid out upon proof of attendance.



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