Caroline Tomlinson

I have been interested in raising attainment in mathematics for many years as a result of my own negative experiences of maths as a child. After training to become a Mastery Specialist, I would now describe myself as evangelical about the impact a mastery approach can have upon children’s understanding and teacher confidence. I am fortunate enough to work also, across our Academy, supporting subject leaders to improve the teaching and learning at their school, through: workshops on ‘S’ planning; TA subject knowledge; the use of representation and how to plan lessons that include both scaffolds and opportunities to deepen.

In addition to Mastery Specialist, I am also an SLE and use a range of approaches to unlock potential in subject leaders to support their drive to raise standards in their own schools. Currently I am involved in a project with the OTSA to raise attainment of disadvantaged children in Oxfordshire.

Networking with other teachers is vital to share the excellent work Hubs are doing to support the teaching of maths and I keep up to date with education research to ensure I am well-informed and best support teachers.

Amanda Grimes

I have been teaching for 18 years and have taught in both key stages and in Foundation. I am currently teaching Year 5 and am the maths lead and KS2 phase leader.

I became a Maths Mastery Specialist in 2019 and had the privilege of taking part in the England Shanghai Teacher Exchange.

Chris Kirkham

I have been a teacher of Mathematics for about 15 years having previously worked in industry.  During that time, I have worked in 11-18 co-educational state schools in Oxfordshire.  I have taught a wide range of A level Maths and Further Maths topic areas across a range of boards and am particularly interested in how the different strands of the A level syllabus can be woven together to help students apply their existing knowledge in new situations.

I am an NCTEM accredited Professional Development Lead Coordinator having achieved my accreditation in 2019.

Outside of school I enjoy hillwalking, climbing and reading.

Dawn Butler

Dawn’s career has been focussed on the development of skills and understanding of learners of all age groups.

Prior to becoming a teacher, she spent eighteen years in industry developing coaching and mentoring training programmes for Pepsi, Ferrero Rocher and Johnson and Johnson. After qualifying as a primary school teacher, Dawn further developed her interest by becoming a PD Accredited Lead with the NCETM.

Currently, she splits her time as Work Group lead for the BBO, part-time teacher and also delivers coaching and mentoring training for the School Centred Initial Teacher Training at Wycombe High School.

Anna Raine

I have worked at Disraeli School for 18 years and have been Assistant Head and Maths Lead for over 10 years now. I was privileged to be part of cohort one visiting Shanghai in 2014 and have continued to work with the Maths Hub both in my school and in others since then. I completed my PD lead accreditation in 2017 and have lead several work groups on Lesson Design. 

Rachael Odeniyi

I am a qualified teacher, and have worked across the primary range. In recent years, I have worked as a Numbers Count (KS1 and KS2) accredited maths intervention teacher in Maidenhead. I completed a MA Ed (Early Mathematics Intervention), focussing on  pedagogy, mathematical subject knowledge (Early Years and Primary), concept development in the primary range, structures, situations and relationships in the operations, causes of difficulties in maths and use of manipulatives and models. My dissertation explored how children develop mathematical fluency, especially those who struggle with maths. 

I completed my NCETM PD lead accreditation in 2018 and currently have been leading the NCETM BBO Hub’s ‘Intervention in a Mastery Setting’ workgroup. I enjoy working with others to develop their understanding of maths and to help children make sense of it through a variety of approaches.

Claire Shorrock

I have been a teacher now for 13 years, initially teaching science and maths at secondary school, before moving to teach at primary level. I have completed the ‘Numbers Count’ programme before training to become a LLME. My love of maths started at an early age and continues to grow now because I enjoy inspiring children and ensuring that they have a deep understanding of the maths they learn.

Louise Price

Louise has recently worked as an Executive Deputy Headteacher across two primary schools in Banbury and is now employed as a Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University.  

She has significant experience as a Maths consultant working with schools in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  

She was an Every Child Counts (ECC) lead working with teachers and leaders to support children struggling with Maths.  

Louise has led Mastery workgroups as part of the GLOW Maths Hub and is now excited to be part of the BBO Maths Hub.

Sean English

I have been a Maths Lead across two different schools over the past few years. During my time as Maths lead I have developed the mastery approach, particularly with the use of concrete resources and representations. Last year I had the pleasure of being part of Cohort Four Maths Mastery Specialists with NCETM and was able to start implementing the core ideas behind mastery within the school I was working in. Since then I have had the pleasure of supporting a wide range of primary schools in developing their own mastery approach.

Tina Harvey

Tina has been teaching for 10 years and completed her Masters in 2015 through the Open University. Tina is currently an Assistant Maths Hub Lead and a Teaching for Mastery Specialist. Originally part of a Teacher Research Group run by Gill Knight, Tina has successfully taken her own school on this journey whilst also training for the NCETM Mastery Specialist and PD lead in 2016. Tina thoroughly enjoys the opportunity and finds it a privilege to work with a range of schools and teachers in her area.

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