Caroline Tomlinson

I have been interested in raising attainment in mathematics for many years as a result of my own negative experiences of maths as a child. After training to become a Mastery Specialist, I would now describe myself as evangelical about the impact a mastery approach can have upon children’s understanding and teacher confidence. I am fortunate enough to work also, across our Academy, supporting subject leaders to improve the teaching and learning at their school, through: workshops on ‘S’ planning; TA subject knowledge; the use of representation and how to plan lessons that include both scaffolds and opportunities to deepen.

In addition to Mastery Specialist, I am also an SLE and use a range of approaches to unlock potential in subject leaders to support their drive to raise standards in their own schools. Currently I am involved in a project with the OTSA to raise attainment of disadvantaged children in Oxfordshire.

Networking with other teachers is vital to share the excellent work Hubs are doing to support the teaching of maths and I keep up to date with education research to ensure I am well-informed and best support teachers.

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