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Gill Knight

Gill is currently working as Maths Lead at Claycots School, the largest primary school in Europe.  In previous settings, Gill has led large-scale change in maths teaching in 3 very different schools, as well as supporting around 15 other schools through her role as SLE. 

Gill undertook Mastery Specialist training in 2016; part of the first cohort of mastery specialists trained by NCETM.  She gained post-graduate Maths Specialist Teacher accreditation by the University of Greenwich in 2012 and is currently studying for an MSc in Mathematics Teacher Education at Oxford University.


Mr. Crawley

Mr Crawley has been a Mathematics teacher since 2014 and is currently employed as Lead for KS3 Mathematics (Year 7 & 8) at The Piggott School, Reading. His role includes developing teaching for mastery for all Year 7 classes so that students are more confidently prepared for their (reformed) GCSE papers.

Rosemary Hobson

Rosemary Hobson is a member of the Extended Leadership Team, Assistant Subject Leader for Maths and Mastery Lead at Tring School in Hertfordshire.  She has trained as a Mastery Specialist and was also part of the Increasing Competence and Confidence in Algebra and Multiplicative Skills (ICCAMS) project with Durham University.  She has over 20 years experience of teaching maths and has held a number of different roles.  She is presently working with two mastery advocate schools to implement a Mastery approach within their setting.

Jennie Forde

Jennie was part of Cohort 2 Mastery Specialist Training Programme and represented the BBO Maths Hub on the Shanghai Exchange 2017/18.  Jennie is Maths Specialist at Botwell House Primary School, Hayes and is currently leading a Maths Mastery Teacher Research Group 2018/19 for Maths Hubs.

The Trouble with Fractions, Slough

The Work Group will focus on fractions, establishing what the issues are and what the common misconceptions are, how these might be addressed through activities and questioning which promote deeper thinking and how teaching in KS3 might be modified or utilised to improve understanding for this topic in KS4.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Teachers will hone their ability to analyse what it is about certain topics that makes them more challenging and be able to apply these analytical skills more widely in the curriculum.
  • Through detailed study of one topic, teachers will develop a sharper understanding of what it means for teaching to be ‘effective’ and how this might be evaluated in class and through assessment in all its forms.
  • Pupils in the participant teachers’ classes will become more confident in their own skills and abilities, developing a deeper and more connected understanding of prior content thus enabling them to better tackle the challenging topics.

Led by Dr. Fiona Curtis, from Reading University, the work group starts in January 2019 and is free of charge.

For more information and booking: The Problem with Fractions – Challenging Topics at GCSE

Rachel Walters

Rachel is a Maths specialist with 18 years teaching experience.  She is an accredited PD lead with the NCETM and a SLE.  She has specialised in PD for Primary Teachers including leading work groups for BBO Maths Hub and providing training through Cygnus Teaching School.  Rachel teaches part time at Wycombe High School where they have been developing teaching for Mastery since 2015. 

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