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Secondary Mastery Taster Days

The purpose of these days is to introduce KS3 Mathematics Leads, Heads of Departments, Mathematics departments line managers and other interested teachers to teaching for mastery in mathematics and demonstrate why it would benefit their students. 

The sessions will include an overview of the elements which contribute to mastery (the five big ideas); explain how they impact on students learning and how they are planned and delivered in the classroom.  There will be an opportunity to see how these elements are delivered in the classroom by a lesson observation followed by a debrief and discussion of the lesson.  To complete the day we will also explain how this way of teaching can be developed and rolled out in school.  Currently there are four fully trained secondary mastery specialists and four more who are near completion of their training in the BBO Maths Hub region and some of them will be leading the day together.

Within the schools who have already been working with mastery, teachers report:

  • a higher level of participation in lessons;
  • an increased ability to explain reasoning mathematically;
  • a more positive mindset towards mathematics;
  • a greater understanding of the links in mathematics;
  • an increased ability to solve problems and generally a lot more confidence.

There are four options to attend a Secondary Mastery Taster Day in the BBO area.  Sign-up via one of the links below:

16 March 2020 High Wycombe

25 March 2020 Sandhurst

23 April 2020 Didcot

27 April 2020 Aylesbury

Local Leaders of Maths Education

If you are a Mastery Specialist, Specialist Leader in Education, Professional Development Lead, Work Group Lead, Heads of Department or Mathematics Lead, we would love to see you at one of our LLME events.  We are looking to develop a Local Leaders in Mathematics Network to develop learning and teaching in Mathematics in the BBO Maths Hub area.  The meetings will include opportunities to further develop leadership skills, sharing and discussing best practice in teaching Mathematics, and the chance to network with other leaders within the area.  Participation is free and you would be very welcome to attend as many meetings as you can!



Emma Parr

Emma Parr works as a Year 2 teacher at Cholsey Primary School in South Oxfordshire, where she is maths and Key Stage 1 lead.  Although she has a single year group this year, for the past 10 years she has been teaching in mixed age group classes. Emma has been a mastery specialist with BBO since 2017 and thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to work with a range of schools and teachers.

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