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Tina Harvey

Tina has been teaching for 10 years and completed her Masters in 2015 through the Open University. Tina is currently an Assistant Maths Hub Lead and a Teaching for Mastery Specialist. Originally part of a Teacher Research Group run by Gill Knight, Tina has successfully taken her own school on this journey whilst also training for the NCETM Mastery Specialist and PD lead in 2016. Tina thoroughly enjoys the opportunity and finds it a privilege to work with a range of schools and teachers in her area.

Primary Mastery Conference

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Going Deeper with Mastery

23rd March 2018, Unipart House, Oxford, OX4 2PG

Keynote Speaker: Debbie Morgan, Director NCETM

Teaching for Mastery is not a quick fix but a development process. This conference will stop and take stock of the process and consider:

 – How and why does it work?

 – What are the challenges and how do we address them?

12.00 Lunch & refreshments
13.00 Keynote speaker: Debbie Morgan
14.00 Tea & coffee
14.15 Shanghai observations: Jennie Forde & Angela Hughes
15.00 BBO Mathhub opportunites – Jane Liddle
15.30 Close

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